Friday, April 29, 2011 Comment20 Comments

Hey there dolls! 

They say old habits die hard, and although blogging isn't exactly an old habit I guess that it will die hard on me! :P 

Be true to yourselves and always have fun!

Love, Lena!

Saturday, March 19, 2011 Comment9 Comments

A bunch of good friends, some coctails and lots of fashion! What better way to spend a Sunday? 

It would be real fun if I met some of you...!

Love, Lena!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011 Comment22 Comments

...was my carnival costume the other night when I was bartending! 

That night I felt more myself than ever! The costume concept is SO ME! I love everything about it: afro hair, sequins, exaggeration! Musically I'm not actually the biggest fan of disco, but as long as disco-styling is concerned... I DIE!!!

I bought this sequined blazer from Mango on sale some months ago! It has a special place in my heart and my closet! <3

Shout-out of the day: Disco, disco, disco, disco... I can go disco-ing until the carnival is over... Don't blame ME for all this disco talking babies! Just... Blame it on the boogie! Visit Vero's blog and get lost in her grooviness!

Love, Lena!

Monday, February 28, 2011 Comment7 Comments

Well, long time no blog...! :P Exams are finally over and I'm back in re-entering the blog-world and keeping up with the latest! So what better way to start than a generous dose of Gwen!

Last, but not least, of the New York fashion week L.A.M.B. inspired self- expression and uniqueness!

Here are my faves from Fall 2011...

Shout-out of the day: With flaming red hair and colourful,party attitude this neo-hippie bussines woman will sure have you browsing her blog and shop for hours! Have lots of floral fun with her... Monikapolitan/Monikapolitan blog!

Love, Lena!

Thursday, January 27, 2011 Comment22 Comments

So I followed sweet Froso's "Why don't you" and what was before a skinny belt that I almost never wore... now a nice wristband! Not bad, huh? :P

Thanks Froso! Right at the point when I was thinking to get rid of my skinny belts there was your post!

So I guess this girl really deserves the...

Shout-out of the day: Are you lusting for some styling tips, and useful how-to's? Then this photogenic person is definately your girl! Get lost in her nirvana... Style Nirvana!

Love, Lena!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Comment1 Comments

I really hate it when I come to the point of being totally uninspired! Pre-exam preperation has taken its toll on me and here I am now having nothing to say...! Anyone feeling me?

Oh well... Could any of you lovelies tell my which collection is this beautiful dress from? It's by Oscar de la Renta btw...!

I'll now leave you with the last cute pic of me before the uninspiring days... :P

Leave no stone unturned...! You never know where you may find your lost inspiration!  

Love, Lena!

Thursday, January 13, 2011 Comment23 Comments

Just a quick post to say hi!  I like it when totally random pics like this one turn out so well... Or is it just me liking it? haha

I think I have to share my two latest music obsessions with y'all... 

Fisrt is Cee Lo Green! I like him because his songs have this certain nostalgic, old school sound with funny and smart lyrics!

Second comes JessieJ! She's really bad-ass but I find the lyrics of her songs quite meaningful!

Do you know/like them?

Love, Lena!

Shout-out of the day: She's rocking her outfits real hard! The chic-est freak you'll ever meet! Frichic from Bulgaria...! <3

Monday, January 10, 2011 Comment13 Comments

Heeey! I mean... my first blog award! This deserves a toast!!! Hahahaha! 

OK seriously now! I would deeply and sincerely want to thank the girl who gives me this cute award, the girl who got me almost hating her with her perfect London pictures in her latest posts, Jessica! Please visit her blog here and you'll soon realise it's almost impossible to hate her! :PP

And I would also like to thank each and every one of you for the sweetness,support and time you take to comment on my (as I like to call it) "hummble little blog"! 

So here's my take of favoutites...

Pearls and Poodles, Miss Perfect Hair!
style nirvana, the lovely and always stylish Froso!
Deep in Vogue, the talented designer/travel gir from Bulgaria!
blame it on the boogie, Verolicious! :)
Lorelai's Things, the extraordinarily sweet girl! <3
Wardrobe Recycle, creativity to it's fullest!
Mthfckn' Sugahspank! Blog, the girl with the voice and one hell of a swagger!

Of course the list could go on forever...
Have fun you all!

Love, Lena!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011 Comment23 Comments

Happy New Year fellow bloggers! May 2011 bring us one step closer to our dreams! Hope everyone had a blast these days!

 I personally spent New Year's Eve, as well as the days that followed, bartending, but it was ok after all...! Gotta make some money, you feel me? Christmas on the other hand was A-MAZING, spent in all-white-freaking-cold-yet-beautiful Germany!

9 days in 2 villages near Stuttgart, meeting family loved ones, lots of eating and shopping going on, with so not worth posting outfit pics because I wore whatever kept me warm in my wondering out on the streets! :P

Wanna see??

I admit! I have a thing with aeroplanes! Consider me a major aeroplane-geek! :P

@ Ludwigsburg Palace

@the backyard

@Stuttgart's Weihnachtsmarkt

Oh, well... Good times! No matter what other people always tell me about Germany I love it! I had many fun trips there and everytime I see sth new...! 

But at the end of the day it's not the place that makes you feel like home but the people, right?

Have fun babes!

Love, Lena!

Shout-out of the day:  I like to call her Miss Perfect Hair! Milly from "Pearls and Poodles"... Cheers to her! :P