Sunday, July 25, 2010 Comment5 Comments

This is about my last month's trip to Athens. I went there with my bro to attend some concerts, cause we kind of started a concert-tradition last year! We met there with good old friends of mine and met some other new ones and had pretty much an amazing week filed with laughter, food and music!

Arriving in Athens. Wearing Bershka shirt and sunnies, Pink Woman belt, Pink Woman trousers, Zara flats.


The dress code was obvious, metal-chic...

There was some serious crowd-surfing going on... Oh, how much I want to do this some day... 

The drinks...

James Hetfield - Metallica

Vintage mic.

Listening to Metallica in the pouring rain... AMAZING!

Crazy Rammstein stuff...


Support group

Dancing till the morning light... :)))

@ a BBQ party!

Friends and family! Travelling would be nothing without them, WE would be nothing without them!

Love, Lena!

Saturday, July 17, 2010 Comment1 Comments

After some years of brainwashing by my favourite american TV shows I finally have my own Blackberry in my hands...! Yaaaay!

That's it... My precious...!

Have a lovely weekend babes! I'll be back with more posts! :))

Kisses, Lena!