Saturday, March 19, 2011 Comment9 Comments

A bunch of good friends, some coctails and lots of fashion! What better way to spend a Sunday? 

It would be real fun if I met some of you...!

Love, Lena!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011 Comment22 Comments

...was my carnival costume the other night when I was bartending! 

That night I felt more myself than ever! The costume concept is SO ME! I love everything about it: afro hair, sequins, exaggeration! Musically I'm not actually the biggest fan of disco, but as long as disco-styling is concerned... I DIE!!!

I bought this sequined blazer from Mango on sale some months ago! It has a special place in my heart and my closet! <3

Shout-out of the day: Disco, disco, disco, disco... I can go disco-ing until the carnival is over... Don't blame ME for all this disco talking babies! Just... Blame it on the boogie! Visit Vero's blog and get lost in her grooviness!

Love, Lena!