Friday, June 18, 2010 Comment5 Comments

OK! I know that for many of you "The Rachel Zoe Project" may be ancient history, but for me it was not until 3 months ago when I discovered this amazing show! So, after watching the show religiously I started doing some research on the internet to know more about Rachel and her associates. During my research I came by some really mean and awful critics and comments about the show! Some were saying that Rachel is nothing but a skinny bitch and that her husband nothing but a total fag! Others reffered to Rachel's assistant, Taylor, saying that she's annoying, bitchy and stuff like that! Well, I have to admit that the show is a little superficial and ylistic but why do people have to suck the worst out of everything? I didn't see many people talking about Rachel being absolutely passionate about her work, or her being a perfectionist and always striving to achieve THE BEST! Same for her assistant, who appears to be hardworking, structured and loyal to her obligations! Personally, I got very inspired by the show and can't wait for season 3 in August!

Have y'all seen it? Tell me your opinion!

Love, Lena!