Friday, December 17, 2010 Comment28 Comments

Bershka (men) T-shirt
Gifted leggings
Killah botties (old)

I have to admit... My latest obsession are menswear! 
When I go shopping I find myself spending more and more time on men's department searching mainly shirts and T-shirts! They have the looseness that I seek in casual clothes so... menswear it is!!!
This T is one of my favourites! After buying it I kind of had some second thoughs! But when I finally wore it, it made quite an impact so I loved it! I feel funnier when I have it on! :P

Go and find the superhero inside you, use your superpower, make a change!

Love, Lena!

Shout-out of the day: Check Nubia's "Nubia's Nonsense"! She was the first person to comment on my hummble little blog! :P I'm a loyal follower of hers ever since and her latest post inspired me to do mine! 

Saturday, December 11, 2010 Comment16 Comments

Yes! I'm satisfied that I finally found this "Rolling Stone"-ish T-shirt! I've been looking for it quite a while and finally found it at my beloved H&M!

T-shirt H&M
Tights Calzedonia
Boots Stradivarius
Bracelet Bershka

Pairing it with this lace tights and my thigh high boots the T-shirt worked really well! And now that I closely look at the pics I realise that my couch and shelf match my outfit perfectly too, right?

Kisses babes!

Love, Lena!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010 Comment9 Comments

Victoria Beckham! I love most of her appearances! This piece of clothing she's wearing has a little bit of coat, a little bit of cape and a certain 50's feeling! Simple, stylish and certainly making a statement!

Have fun babes, Lena!