Friday, November 19, 2010 Comment31 Comments

I joined the Independent Fashion Bloggers network today! I don't know how it really works yet so feel free to give me your tips!

Today was a fun day at the mall! Visiting IKEA was not bad either! We all need some home styling ideas once in a while! :P

See me here getting down to serious business at the IKEA restaurant... (btw my not-so-blond routes are gross - I'm getting it done soon!)

Food porn to its fullest! YES!...

So my humble little blog reached its 40 readers...! I know that my readers are nothing compared to other blogs with a gazillion followers, but to me and my blog these 40 readers are everything! :) So, thanks everyone! Cheers to your blogs too! 

Take care, Lena!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 Comment16 Comments

Tamta is a Georgian pop singer that partcipated in Super Idol Greece some years ago and was placed second! She has an amazing voice and on top of that she is a HUGE fashion icon! 

Constited of bright-coloured pieces, unique accessories, and uncovnentional hairstyles I would describe her style as "extraordinary-pop-on-of-a-kind-chic"... :PP

I' a huge fan of her and always inspired by her outfits, hair styles and make up! I love people who dare to differ! 

Tamta... A gift from Georgia to Greece! :))

Here's a great blog that follows her steps...

Have fun babes!

Love, Lena!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 Comment18 Comments

Some necklaces are there to upgrade... 
Some necklaces are there to make us feel bolder...
Some necklaces are there to amaze...
Some necklaces are simply there to make a statement!

Swarovski Crystal Grey Maniac Necklace,  Asos

Fallon Mixed Deadly Bead Choker Necklace,  Asos

House of Harlow 1960 Leather Stations Necklace in Black,  The Trend Boutique

Rachel Zoe Make a Statement Bold Necklace,  QVC
Rachel Zoe Geometric Link Bead Necklace,  QVC

Tinley Road Three Layer Necklace,  PiperLime
Hive and Honey 7 Row Statement Necklace,  PiperLime

Grit and Glamour is a blog that I recently discovered! Vahni's posts are always thought-provoking! Read her latest post about healthy, or not so healthy self-promotion and think for yourself!

Love, Lena!