Saturday, August 28, 2010 Comment6 Comments

Summer's over! Time to go back to the city, time to study, time to cry over my broken nerves, time to gain some study-weight! I spent most of my summer in my hometown, which at first seemed so sad. But it turned out that working at a bar with some mentally unstable people like me was sooo much fun! Hahaha, kidding! Being lost between work, rest and socialising didn't leave me much time for blogging!

@the bar - in my working uniform

So the first chills are already here and stores are already filled with gorgeous jackets and furs that I lust! I can't believe how fast summer went by.

From what I've heard time does fly! So we'd better make every second of this flight worth it!

Love, Lena!

p.s.: My last post got 15 comments...! WOW! That's a record for my blog! :P Thank you babes!

Monday, August 09, 2010 Comment18 Comments

The following pics are from a completely random shoot I did with two of my crazy cousins while on vacation!

I found this oversised jacket while I was digging in my cousin's old clothes and its colours caught my eye!

Oh, and did I ever mention I'm a huge macaronaholic? Well... Hi! I'm Lena and I am a macaronaholic!

The first time I ever noticed these little dreams in a pastry shop was over a year ago and it was their bright colours that made me look! I've been addicted ever since...! 

Hold on tight to those who love you and let them them now how much they mean to you! Loved ones make our lives colourful!

Love, Lena!

Friday, August 06, 2010 Comment5 Comments

The title is completely irrelevant with my post and everything, but I'm way too much obsessed with Alicia's "Empire State Of Mind part 2" and the lyrics are constantly on my mind so... 

I bought this cute dress from Bershka on sales only for 12 euro... How cool is that? It's print gave me a vintage feeling that  I loved so much!
The Rachel Zoe Project season 3 is on babies! Did you see it? I'm seeing it today, I'm sooo excited!!!

Kisses, Lena!