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Heeey! I mean... my first blog award! This deserves a toast!!! Hahahaha! 

OK seriously now! I would deeply and sincerely want to thank the girl who gives me this cute award, the girl who got me almost hating her with her perfect London pictures in her latest posts, Jessica! Please visit her blog here and you'll soon realise it's almost impossible to hate her! :PP

And I would also like to thank each and every one of you for the sweetness,support and time you take to comment on my (as I like to call it) "hummble little blog"! 

So here's my take of favoutites...

Pearls and Poodles, Miss Perfect Hair!
style nirvana, the lovely and always stylish Froso!
Deep in Vogue, the talented designer/travel gir from Bulgaria!
blame it on the boogie, Verolicious! :)
Lorelai's Things, the extraordinarily sweet girl! <3
Wardrobe Recycle, creativity to it's fullest!
Mthfckn' Sugahspank! Blog, the girl with the voice and one hell of a swagger!

Of course the list could go on forever...
Have fun you all!

Love, Lena!


..R May A.. said...

congrats on your blog award!! x
loving your blog :)

KcomeKarolina said...



Rania Kelesidou said...

Συγχαρητηρια για το πρωτο σου βραβειο!Κ σ'ευχαριστω για το υπεροχο σχολιο σου στο blog μου,φιλια!!

VeRo! said...

sou a3ize to award fusika kai thank you thank you thank you eisai poluu sweet!!!!! ::D:D:D::D:D


Manja said...

thank you dear an congrats for the blog award :)


minnja said...

congrats :)


Leia said...

Congrats on the award!


Stiene said...

Congrats with your award! :D x

Froso M. said...

Congratulations! Sou aksize, kai eyxaristw! Polla filia, perimenw to epomeno outfit post!

LoliTa said...


diana kang said...

so prettyy!

Espia Collection of References said...

Q bonita!!!
Me encanta tu blog!

Nikki said...

Congrats on the award! ^^ x