Saturday, August 28, 2010 Comment6 Comments

Summer's over! Time to go back to the city, time to study, time to cry over my broken nerves, time to gain some study-weight! I spent most of my summer in my hometown, which at first seemed so sad. But it turned out that working at a bar with some mentally unstable people like me was sooo much fun! Hahaha, kidding! Being lost between work, rest and socialising didn't leave me much time for blogging!

@the bar - in my working uniform

So the first chills are already here and stores are already filled with gorgeous jackets and furs that I lust! I can't believe how fast summer went by.

From what I've heard time does fly! So we'd better make every second of this flight worth it!

Love, Lena!

p.s.: My last post got 15 comments...! WOW! That's a record for my blog! :P Thank you babes!


Maia said...

you look great. and i arleady miss my summer:<

J. said...

ohhhh lovely!

aurora. said...

i love your outfit!
the colours are lovely
andd im so gutted summer has gone!

The October Issue said...

love all the colors
summer is slipping away from me :(

renerene said...

Hey Lena, thanks for comment in my blog! Is so nice to keep in touch :) I love your uniform and i think i have a same belt :) is it a zara belt?
kisses from israel

Anonymous said...

i teleutaia pic eidika.. theAA!!! Wow!