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The title is completely irrelevant with my post and everything, but I'm way too much obsessed with Alicia's "Empire State Of Mind part 2" and the lyrics are constantly on my mind so... 

I bought this cute dress from Bershka on sales only for 12 euro... How cool is that? It's print gave me a vintage feeling that  I loved so much!
The Rachel Zoe Project season 3 is on babies! Did you see it? I'm seeing it today, I'm sooo excited!!!

Kisses, Lena!


Nubiasnonsense said...

The print is very pretty.. Nice dress =)

Mode Junkie said...

you´re not the only one obsessed by that song. i play it all the time to a point that the boyfriend doesn´t wanna hear it anymore. ever. HAHA

great dress by the way! love it! such a steal!

xoxo Mode Junkie

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

Love the photos - you look gorgeous!


renerene said...

Hi, nice too meet you! i love your blog. and your dress too! You look beautiful:)
You are welcome to visit my blog too

follow me and i follow you?

keep in touch :) kisses

Natalia said...

καταπληκτικο φορεμα!