Sunday, May 23, 2010 Comment6 Comments

I couldn't not post about Beyonce's "Why don't you love me?" video! Not only because I' m a HUGE Beyonce fan but also because I loved that she goes soooo retro in it! Styling is incredible, totally '60s and pin-up, sassy outfits and attitude, big hair, bold make-up, cat-eye sunglasses, high heels and sexy corsets!The '60s are my all time favourite so I guess that's why this video really got me!

To be honest Beyonce can do so much better musically but never mind! :))

Have a nice week...!

Love, Lena!


Nubiasnonsense said...

I love this video.. it was a little gagaish but I loved seeing beyonce in these pin up outfits

Pop Champagne said...

Beyonce is a great song writer and a singer! I'm so wishing for a Destiny's Child reunion album!!

meraldia said...

I like her hair style so much!

Phuong said...

i like her looks in the video but the song is a little disapointed! She can do much better

Bionica said...

I love love love Beyonce
she is so cool


λού said...