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"There always is a way!" I heard Tyra Banks say recently, talking about overcoming the difficulties of life... I couldn't agree more! Not that I've been really waiting for Tyra to realise that! :PP

Messing up is easy! Making it right again takes courage and strength! But there ALWAYS is a way! It's up to you to make the right choises and set the right priorities!

While trying to make it right people will try to bring you down... That's because it's easy to judge and gossip about other people's misery... IGNORE THEM! They' re as messed up as you are! 

But all these are just abstract thoughts of me... Some of you may relate to them... For those of you who don't just keep them in mind, you may some day do!

So here's an outfit pic to lighten up the atmosphere...

Let me introduce to you my good friend Maria, A.K.A. Glikula (meaning sweet little girl in Greek). She's one of my besties! :))

I'm wearing Glikula's BSB top, Bershka skirt (bought on summer sales for 8 euro) and Bershka statement necklace - Glikula is wearing BSB knitted dress

Keep fighting till you get there
When you're down and you feel like giving up
("Whip My Hair" - Willow Smith)

Love, Lena!


Natalia said...

love ur look!this skirt matches perfectly with the black top+leggings!
and yes, THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY, as Tyra says, so we must not let the hard times that life send us get us down but we must seek the best out of every situation!
kisses Lena!

Oslo by fashion said...

Jep it is an necklage!

Love youre knittet dress:)I always love knitting tough! :))
Your friend looks really cute!

Oslo by fashion said...

Haha, not it is chill just to go out without all that paint in youre face and all dressed up!

Thank you for the comment :)


Kristen Leotsakou said...

exeis polu dikio se auta pou les! teleo kolie!...
asxeto, alla moiazeis para polu me thn gwen stefani! :P

Leia said...

You girls are adorable!


Frickys said...

The necklace is the perfect finish to knitwear!

CoffeeBlooms said...

this is indeed a wise post!
and you look great, love your necklace ! :)

A BRIT GREEK said...

She is very stylish and one talented girl for such a young age. I was going to mention the age thing, but she does have parents like Will and Jada - so they should know better.
I can't believe how talented their kids are!

Christy Exclusive said...

Christy Exclusive said...

Margaret said...

you look stunning! love your skirt ;)