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OK! I know that for many of you "The Rachel Zoe Project" may be ancient history, but for me it was not until 3 months ago when I discovered this amazing show! So, after watching the show religiously I started doing some research on the internet to know more about Rachel and her associates. During my research I came by some really mean and awful critics and comments about the show! Some were saying that Rachel is nothing but a skinny bitch and that her husband nothing but a total fag! Others reffered to Rachel's assistant, Taylor, saying that she's annoying, bitchy and stuff like that! Well, I have to admit that the show is a little superficial and ylistic but why do people have to suck the worst out of everything? I didn't see many people talking about Rachel being absolutely passionate about her work, or her being a perfectionist and always striving to achieve THE BEST! Same for her assistant, who appears to be hardworking, structured and loyal to her obligations! Personally, I got very inspired by the show and can't wait for season 3 in August!

Have y'all seen it? Tell me your opinion!

Love, Lena!


Pink_Fish said...

ok, what I don't like about her is that she dresses her clients in the same-boring, to my opinion-way. I don't like that. And her looks are very maximalistic for my taste, but this is my personal taste and tastes vary, as we all know...I didn't know about the show, it seems interesting and you have a point: I always find hard-working and passionate people inspiring, even if I don't like their taste :) Glad to find you, nice blog, I'm very impressed that you-at least-know Jean Desses

Lena said...

I have to agree with you darling! I'm not really a fan of how she dreeses her clients! Thanx for taking the time to visit my lil' blog!

Nubiasnonsense said...

I only watched a few episodes but peopel online always say the wort stuff lol

She is very didicated to her work and I really like how hardworking she is.. I mean everyone freaks out when they're stressed lol

{ I V Y } said...

omg this shoes is the greatest!

Chandler said...

I'm so jealous you have a blackberry! I could use one myself.